Monday, June 27, 2011

The Passion if Vision

With the title "The Passion if Vision" I want to bring one thought and one thought only up... and that is
that is your Vision filled with Passion? If not you seriously need to sit and re-check your Vision.

The past couple of weeks I have had quite a struggle with the plane fact that I don't know what God is really calling me for in life. I know its for his Ministry and my life will be dedicated to him through ministry work but is it with 13thFLOOR and is it in the literal sense of the word.

Now lets have a structured BLOG again.

Those two top paragraphs is really just 2 random facts that has been apparent in my life these past few days. Being back on Campus and living the "normal" life again is yet another period in the year and all but if I have to think that there s only 3 months of my second year in 13thFLOOR left it scares me! Not a little a lot!

I just need to say this.. this BLOG is soooooo messed up today but with this I want to try and share my mind...

I pray this PRAYER:

Lord may you share the desires of your heart with me and may nothing stand in the way of your Vision for me! By your Grace, Let me me and instrument in your hands and let me the the I out oof our relationship! AMEN

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